The Great Lakes Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) was officially recognized in 2002 to promote the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in the genealogical field at the regional level. Each member takes an oath to uphold these ethics. Please see the Code of Ethics for more information.

The Great Lakes Chapter of APG is designed to be a place where professionals from a wide variety of specialties can come together with the common ground of genealogy to:

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  • awareness and interest in professional genealogical services
  • professional standards in genealogical research, writing, and speaking
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  • both membership and public through publications and lectures
  • disseminate information on laws which may affect genealogical and historical research
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  • those engaged in genealogical pursuits as a business
  • activities which improve access, facilitate research, and preserve records

Many members of the Great Lakes Chapter APG accept client research projects, speak to genealogical audiences and write for genealogical publications. See our Member Profiles page to see if our members will be the right fit for you to help with your genealogical goal.

The Chapter holds its annual meeting in conjunction with the Ohio Genealogical Society Conference. During the Conference, the Chapter sponsors a speaker and offers free consultations to those attending the Conference. The Chapter also sponsors other activities throughout the year, including advanced genealogy discussions and field trips to major genealogical repositories in the region. Please see our Meetings/Events page for more information on upcoming events.